DataCon China 2023

Recently, Aksa Power Generation participated in the "7th Enterprise Level Data Center Innovation Summit", which was held in Shanghai. Industry elites such as CIOs and data center leaders from major domestic enterprises gathered to conduct in-depth discussions on the green and sustainable development of data centers. This forum aims to bring together more than 100 representatives from domestic data center owners, IDC companies, excellent solution providers, and other participants to discuss hot topics such as the sustainable development of green data centers, the construction of intelligent data centers, and the intelligent and safe operation and maintenance of data centers, in order to seek the best partners.

       Aksa Power Generation actively responded and participated in the meeting, absorbing more professional knowledge and seeking development in new opportunities. Sales team participates in the entire meeting. After the meeting, the sales team held an internal discussion and agreed that the summit was a meeting to learn technology, gain insight, and see trends. In the coming years, Aksa should focus on the technical challenges of the future continuous growth of carbon emissions from data centers, and improve energy efficiency.