Fight the Epidemic Together

        COVID prevention and control is a war without smoke. Aksa actively responded and implemented the government's epidemic prevention requirements and attached great importance to epidemic prevention as well as control. Under the leadership of our GM Mr. Gurhan, the EHS department vigorously promoted the establishment of epidemic prevention team. They struggle in the frontline, do it in a real way, so as to truly play the exemplary role of vanguard.

        Under the leadership of Aksa epidemic prevention team, we actively implemented the grid management of Binjiang District, detected the body temperature data every day, strengthened the management of canteens, offices and workshops, timely released epidemic prevention knowledge, publicized the positive energy of epidemic resistance, and all employees actively responded to the call of the government, did a good job in nucleic acid detection and self-protection, as well as resolutely blocked the spread of the epidemic.

        Mr. Gurhan pointed out that while firmly grasping the production, we must take care of the physical and mental health of employees, provide employees with a relatively safe working environment. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Aksa timely counted the employees who could not go home, then provided them with a hygienic and safe accommodation environment, and HR & Admin. department arranged guards to deliver delicious meals for them every day, so as to ensure the physical and mental health of the employees. At the same time, qualified staff are encouraged to work at home to minimize personnel aggregation and mobility. After the large-scale outbreak of the epidemic, Aksa further counted the employees who could not go home due to sealing or control, calmed their emotions and provided comfortable accommodation. For the employees who have been sealed at home, Aksa also conducted online condolences to remind them to do a good job of protection.

        Aksa appreciates the employees' signing up for anti-epidemic volunteer service, actively participating in the work of epidemic prevention, playing an active role in two yard inspection of nucleic acid screening and order maintenance, and helping the government win the war of epidemic prevention. They are the most lovely people in Aksa, and dedication is their most beautiful language. Aksa is proud of them and pays tribute to everyone who silently fights in the frontline of the anti-epidemic!

        The gloom is about to blow over, and good things are sprouting.

        The long-closed door will be knocked open by the spring breeze.

        Aksa hereby remind you that the epidemic situation is still complex, so please join hands with us to prevent the epidemic situation! You are well, I am well. Aksa wish you peace and safety!