Aksa China joined Datacon China 2024 in Shanghai

Aksa China joined Datacon China 2024 in Shanghai on 21st March as sponsorship.

This forum aimed to gather over a hundred representatives from domestic data center owners, IDC companies, and excellent solution suppliers to discuss hot topics,such as building new data centers, sustainable development of low-carbon and green data centers, and how data centers can adapt to the development of the AI era, in order to seek the best partners.

Aksa China actively participated in this forum, not only gathering with industry experts to exchange and share operational management experience, building industry networks, but also being able to grasp the latest trends and communicate with potential customers to negotiate cooperation, enhance the brand influence of the enterprise, and benefit greatly. In the power system of data centers, Aksa China has provided 73 different types of generator sets that have been approved by the Uptime Institute and comply with TIER III and TIER IV standards.