Appearing at the 133rd Canton Fair

After several years, the Canton Fair fully resumed offline exhibitions, and the 133rd Canton Fair also came to a perfect end in Guangzhou . The Canton Fair is an important window for China's opening up to the world and an important platform for foreign trade. It is also an important channel for enterprises to explore international markets and has received extensive attention.

Aksa Power Generation and APD43C-RP made an exciting appearance at this Canton Fair. This generator set is designed specifically for rental use and meets Australian standards. The unique design of the double layer anti leakage oil box base and air duct extension makes the APD43C-RP extremely economical, with low operating costs, and can meet various industries that have a demand for mobile power. It provides users with continuous power supply, suitable for leasing, data centers, power plants, commercial centers, etc.

The dazzling booth design, energetic sales team, and exquisitely designed exhibits have established a good corporate image for Aksa. With 40 years of experience in generating unit production and operation, and an efficient and unified research and development and production management system, Aksa has gained unanimous recognition for its high-quality units produced and manufactured, and its supporting price advantages and after-sales advantages have won the trust of many customers.